How to Watch The Super Bowl 2020 Live Stream

The countdown to the 2020 Super Bowl has started, as we are less than 300 days away from the showpiece. Super Bowl, American Football’s peak has always been a treat for the fans all over the world. Like every year, the craze of Super Bowl will expand further this year. Cash, prizes, and above all, the excitement adds to the joy of winning the Super Bowl. The excitement is at its 54th level as we welcome the 54th Super Bowl and the 50th NFL season. Super Bowl 2020 announcers are Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews, Kristina Pink, Chris Myers and Mike Pereira. Which two teams will face on Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV is still unknown. Each detail and news about the Super Bowl can be found including pre-shows, post activities, Halftime Show Stream, streaming updates, start time and schedule below.

The 54th Super Bowl is all set to start as the Hard Rock Stadium gear up to host the mega event after 10 long years on its scheduled date of 2nd February 2020. Preparations are on a high, so we’ve come up with everything you need to know to keep you prepared for the upcoming mega event as well. It’s never too early to plan the Super Bowl, after all. Check out more of the Super Bowl 2020 details below.

Schedule for Super Bowl LIV (2020):

EventSuper Bowl LIV
Who:Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers
Where:Miami Gardens, Florida
When:2nd February 2020 at 6:30 PM ET
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Super Bowl LIV Coverage Information in the US – Official Broadcaster FOX Network

Come Super Bowl LIV Sunday and their TV sets will be glued to hundreds of millions of football fans in the U.S. and around the world. Super Bowl 2020 game is a time to watch with friends and loved ones the exciting football match. As more than 70 per cent of Americans report watching the Super Bowl Sunday match, it has almost become an unofficial national holiday in the US.

Millions of fans at home will be able to catch live TV coverage on the FOX network, one of the NFL’s official television partners in the US, for Super Bowl LIV.

According to sources, on Sunday 2 February 2020 at 6:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) the Super Bowl LIV will be broadcast live to TV viewers in the US.

How to watch Live Stream Super Bowl 2020 online?

Think about the snacks and popcorn you want to enjoy the game with but not how to watch the game as there are numerous ways to stream the game live on your home TV, computer or even on your mobile phone.

Fox will have every preview show, highlights, and live streams on its websites open to audiences around the world. All you need to do is just follow the link given below. To simplify it further, you can even install the Fox App on your smartphones and watch the 2020 Super Bowl live stream online.

Live Streaming Channel Super Bowl 2020

Let’s get into the best options for watching live streaming of the Super Bowl 54 in HD quality from your house. Let’s check out free and paid television platforms from anywhere in the world to watch the NFL Championship Game 2020.

Free Broadcast

If you have a cable connection at home, then you can completely enjoy the match at no cost. These are the channels that will display the game:-

  • Fox Sports Go (U.S)
  • CTV (Canada)
  • BBC iPlayer (UK)
  • Channel 7 (Australia)

Payable Streaming Services

If you’re among the 25 percent of the U.S. population that has gone cable-less, then you don’t have to plan to watch the game by visiting the bar or your neighbor’s house. There are also other options that allow you to watch Superbowl free of charge online like: –

  • Sling TV (US)
  • PlayStation Vue (US)
  • Sky (UK)
  • DAZN (Germany)
  • OSN Play (Middle East)
  • SuperSport (South Africa)

What If Outside of the US

If you’re in any country or location where there’s no way or channels to watch the Super Bowl then don’t get discouraged as there’s still a workaround for the same thing. Just get a VPN, change your location to the areas that have the channel sponsored to watch the match and enjoy the grand event’s excitement.

Even if you’re cable-free in the U.S., have minimal IP connectivity, and anyone outside the U.S. if there’s a Virtual Private Network then it’s easier to re-route the internet connection and watch the Super Bowl and get the fun of it thorough. One can prevent this blocking of the contents with the aid of a VPN and in doing so none will be able to know the user’s location. The VPN works by creating a separate network through the server and one should know that this private network will encrypt all personal information and that nobody will know even one’s IP address. The online services will be unable to learn.

You can stream the match on your smartphone, tablets or other supported devices, too, with the Fox Sports Go App or NBC Sports App.

Here are some of the best VPN’s from any countries you can use to watch the Super Bowl online.

Express VPN

This is the only VPN considered to broadcast the 54th Super Bowl 2020 live from the United States as of now. If you are eager for an uninterrupted viewing experience, the best option is ExpressVPN. The user’s privacy is highly protected and the strongest is encryption. One can access and use that private network very conveniently. Our customer support team is great and is available 24 X 7. Wherever one gets stuck, the team will be there to fully support and direct. They currently serve more than 96 nations, and have a cash back choice of 30 days.

IP Vanish

This is another VPN one can attach to the match with the aid of even if the user is in remote locations. One should know that Express VPN is unavailable in This is another VPN one can attach to the match with the aid of even if the user is in remote locations. One should know that Express VPN is unavailable in remote locations. Here it is IP Vanish that even if it is interrupted, will give support. It’s also a very fast network, and it’s going to get one connected to any part of the world because they have substantial servers. The website has an enormous amount of limitless bandwidth that lets you watch the replay even if you skip the match’s live show and half-time show. The app is highly compatible with Windows, Linus, Mac, and Android, but not iOS.This is another VPN one can attach to the match with the aid of even if the user is in remote locations. One should know that Express VPN is unavailable in


The other two are not on par with this VPN service. Although it has enough bandwidth, streaming is very slow and buffering is always found whenever any show is streamed. One may opt for this Super Bowl VPN but streaming isn’t going to be seamless. There may be periodic buffering. This VPN serves with a large number of servers in more than 150 locations around the world but they are still behind due to the price. The efficiency of the connection is very poor.

How to Watch Super Bowl 2020 Live Stream Outside the US

The above tips solve the issue of watching the Super Bowl 2020 without a cable using live streaming platforms for football fans. There are still millions of fans in other countries, however, where football fans are highly awaiting the annual NFL game.

So here’s a list of suggestions for how to watch Super Bowl 2020 outside of the US:

Watch Super Bowl 2020 in UK

U.S. football supporters in the United Kingdom can use Sky Network to see Super Bowl 2020 live, including all sports chains such as Sky Sports Main Events, on Sky Sports Hd Sports. You can simply choose a specific sports channel or bundle for adding to your cable TV package at costs between GBP18 and GBP23 if you are already an Sky client. The best option is to switch to the Pro package of the Sky network, which not only gives you direct access to Super Bowl 2020 live broadcasting, but also allows you to see each of the 256 regular games played during the season.

You can simply download the Sky Go app on your smartphone / tablet if you’re not a Sky customer and would rather watch the Super Bowl live. Sky Go App is the best way to cable-free live Super Bowl 2020 stream in UK.

Live Stream Super Bowl 2020 In Australia Free online

There are various different ways to watch the Super Bowl 2020 live on your TV sets for American football supporters in Australia.

If you are a Foxtel consumer, you can choose to include ESPN to stream NFL games, including the Super Bowl 2020, in their Sports Package.

If you want to watch the Super Bowl 2020 live steam online then simply download the Foxtel Go app to your smart device and enjoy watching the annual sporting event live streaming from anywhere in Australia.

How to Watch NFL Super Bowl LIV 2020 Live in Canada

Supporters of American Pro Football in Canada will watch the Super Bowl 2020 live on TV if they are CTV, CTV TWO or TSN subscribers as they are the official NFL TV partners in Canada.

On the other hand, if you want to watch Super Bowl 2020 live streaming online in Canada, then the DAZN live streaming service is strongly recommended. The free trial-pack will bring fans streaming the Super Bowl LIV event live aside from showing various other NFL events being shown on popular sports channels, including the NFL Network, NFL Game Pass and RedZone as well.

How to Watch Live Stream Super Bowl LIV Without Cable

If you’re a hardcore football fan and want to watch the Super Bowl 2020 for any reason without getting a FOX network or satellite access, there are several ways to watch Super Bowl LIV live stream without a cable.

These are the three best ways to watch live Super Bowl LIV streams from inside the United States without cable:

Fubo TV

Fubo TV gives you access to live TV broadcasts from FOX, CBS, NBC and NFL Network for just $54.99 a month, and you can also easily catch Super Bowl LIV live streams with it. It also provides 7 day’s free trial.

Sling TV

Sling TV offers you the Blue or Orange pack and its combination for around $25-$40 a month. This allows you to watch every NFL game and event directly using your computer, laptop, etc. While Sling TV may not have the right to show the daily NFL Sunday games televised by CBS, Sling TV is a perfect way to watch Super Bowl LIV live cableless steam as it covers FOX television games. It also provides 7 day’s free trial.


For just $44.99 a month subscription, the Hulu with Live TV can be yours. This pack gives you complete access to all games broadcasted by FOX, ESPN and CBS. Apart from allowing you to record an astonishing 50 hours of live games to watch later, Hulu with Live TV will also be extremely efficient to watch the live stream of Super Bowl LIV from anywhere in the US.

Kodi Streams Super Bowl LIV

Kodi is yet another best streaming choice for Super Bowl 2020. Kodi operates according to add-ons. To watch the Super Bowl 54 live online below, we’ll download the best Kodi add-ons.

Here are a few add-ons for Kodi that work best.

  • Made in Canada
  • UK Turk
  • Phoenix
  • Pro Sport
  • SportsDevil
  • Bob
  • Evolve
  • cCloud

We’ve got a full guide about how to use Kodi to watch Super Bowl 2020 here.

Stream Super Bowl 54 live on Fubo and Sling TV

Sling and Fubo TV are in demand for streaming in these days. It is one of the easiest ways to look at Super Bowl LIV in the best quality. You can either opt for paid subscription or get a free 7-day trial option enough to watch this huge event on sunday. Sling and Fubo TV are in great demand.

Sling and Fubo TV are the best viewing choices for U.S. Football fans from their Home online to watch the Sunday thriller. All options support Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku where you can choose according to your preferences.

How to watch the Super Bowl 2020 Live Stream via Social Media

Get ready for your pages on social media. You will watch and find the 2020 Super Bowl live updates. Let us take a closer look below.


There is no official confirmation on Facebook about the Super Bowl stream, but you can still find the latest updates and news on the official NFL page.


Reddit is yet another popular NFL streaming website. Lots of free streams can be found to watch the event from your home. Use of approved streams for HD quality is always recommended.


No announcement is made on Twitter about the Super Bowl coverage. Twitter is one of the best places for having NFL live feed. Join NFL’s twitter page.

More options for streaming

Yahoo Sports

If you’re from the United States, Yahoo Sports will be streaming Super Bowl and will be running apps for Android and iOS users.


YoutubeTV, which depends on participation, is another alternative to watch the 2020 Super Bowl. We will refresh more information with joins around YoutubeTV streams in the coming days.


UK watchers can rely on BBC to watch Super Bowl Game free. Non-UK clients can have an association with VPN and stream the opportunity.

Watch Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Live Broadcast

One of the most important points of the night is the super bowl halftime show that takes place for years. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez have been paired at the Super Bowl 2020. The duo is thrilled and is planning a Latin theme-based performance. The Halftime Show, as the name suggests, is an entertaining show performed during the Halftime Game. The full details of how to watch Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show Live are provided here.

When and Where is the Super Bowl LIV?

Miami Gardens, Florida was finalized as the host city for the Super Bowl LIV back in 2015 at the league owners’ meeting. Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida has been booked as the venue for this event. The kick-off time is 8 PM ET on Sunday, 2nd of February 2020.

Super Bowl LIV Timings – Country wise

US6:30 PM ET
UK11:30 PM UK
Australia10:30 AM AEDT
Canada6:30 PM DST
New Zealand12:30 PM NZT

Super Bowl LIV Live Score Updates (Commentary Min by Min)

There are several ways for you to get the quickest live score updates of Super Bowl 2020, with a minute-by-minute message on your mobile phone. The famous Super Bowl streaming rights TV and internet network also offer live score updates for fans with poor internet connections on their smartphones to provide Super Bowl.

You can choose to visit the official website of NFL, the official website of CBS Sports or the website of FOX (official television broadcasters) to get the latest live score updates from Super Bowl 2020 on your phone. These are the best way to get the quickest live score update of the Super Bowl 2020 with minute by minute analysis to capture the excitement in the arena.

Mobile App List To Watch Super Bowl Online

More than 100 million viewers in the US reportedly watch the Super Bowl live. Seeing the tremendous interest of smartphones, advertisers have driven their approach to Super Bowl live streaming on smartphones.


The officially confirmed NFL app is the best and simplest way to watch your Smartphone’s exciting Super Bowl Sunday match. You’ll never miss out on the action in the American football world with the NFL app ever. Find out the most entertaining highlights, catch pre-game and post-game analysis, the new teams and player statistics and much more with your mobile phone’s NFL app.

CBS Sports

For all of your NFL coverage, stats, videos and live scores, CBS Sports app is the top source. You never miss the action with highlights, stats and expert fantasy tips and choices with the revolutionary CBS Sports HQ. This is the ultimate 24-hour source of the latest American football and is classified on your iOS and Android devices as the best way to watch Super Bowl 2020 live on.


ESPN+ is one of the most popular live streaming apps for sport fans who want to watch their favorite NFL teams play it out. The ESPN+ app allows users to access their Apple or Android smartphones with the latest updates, live news streams and score updates. ESPN+ app is one of the best ways to watch your smartphone Super Bowl 2020 live.


One of the more innovative mobile apps to catch the Super Bowl action on your mobile phone is the Tunity app. This amazing app scans your proximity to the nearest TV sets and tunes in to the chosen one to give you a clean and clear audible commentary on the live action being played on the screen. For watch Super Bowl live, choose the Tunity app, particularly when you plan to do it outdoors or at a busy restaurant or sports bar.